House Color Schemes

See YOUR house in different styles

Ever wanted to see what your house would look like with new siding or a different color scheme? Well now  you can with House Color

It's the easiest and most affordable way to give yourself peace of mind before starting any major home improvement project.

Choosing new siding, roofing and trim colors for your house can be a stressful process. And picking the wrong colors can be an expensive mistake or mean that you have to live with a home that doesn’t quite look the way you imagined.

Using photographs of your house or an architect's drawing, we will not only show you what your chosen colors will look like on your house but also let you explore and compare alternative color schemes and building materials in the comfort of your home.

"We take the guesswork and stress out of home improvement"

House color scheme sample showing siding color, shutter color, trim color and landscaping


It’s not just about the color

We show you different building materials too

Can’t decide between wooden window frames and vinyl frames? Don’t just imagine what it will look like. We’ll show you.

Ever wondered what a stone façade would look like around your porch? We’ll show you that too.

Block paving, poured concrete or tarmac. We'll show you that too.

New dormer or a new story? Gable or hip roof? You've guessed it. We can show you that too.

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House Color Scheme